Under the Wychwood are a young up and coming band with the average age of about 55½ and play an eclectic mix of Folk, Americana and Acoustic Blues

Mark Pidgeon (Guitar & Vocals), Rod Craig (Mandolin) & Mat Davies (Bass), all come together when there’s a full moon and do strange things in and around the woods of West Oxfordshire. Mostly musical although it has been said they sometimes sit around drinking tea.

Devilry themes seems to features a lot in their material, hmmm we wonder why?

Coming together on these moonlit nights, when werewolves are heard howling at nothing in particular and Owls take refuge in the tallest of trees, often causes the stirrings of musical passion within each and every one of them.

It is said they are fond of Hobgoblin although no one has been able to witness this and live to tell the tale………………………………

Mark used to be the front man for country rockers ‘Branded’ back in the 90’s but has been playing solo for many a year until he got snared by Hobgoblin

Mat also plays Bass for 15 String Trio along with his wife Katrina and PJ Wright. It has been whispered that he is related to a Hobgoblin of the golden variety.

Rod also plays mandolin for ‘The Ponderosa’. He is also an established painter with trees being a regular feature in his artwork. Especially after a pint or two of…yes you guessed right

Vocals / Guitar / Mandocello

Mark Pidgeon

Bass / Vocals

Mat Davies

Mandolin / Guitar / Vocals

Rod Craig

Former Members

Cajon / Jingley Bits / Vocals


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